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What Do Your Bash Street Boombox Choices Say About You?

Pressing our BOOM-box soundboard buttons will speak volumes about the type of person you are. Take the quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 28th 2022

Here's the first of a new kind of Dennis and Gnasher adventure book which is on shelves now! Introducing BOOMICS – halfway between a comic and a book – it lets the words jump right off the page (and into your ears!)

Chapter by chapter, we've designed this awesome BOOM-box soundboard to be played alongside The Battle for Bash Street School, now on shelves at a bookstore near you, from Farshore publishing. When you see a sound effect or an action in the book, press the matching button to hear what it sounds like.

Here's a range of scenarios, and we want you to pick a sound from the BOOM-box soundboard which reflects how you feel about each scene. After that, our special computers at Beano HQ will determine what kind of person you are. And if you get an answer which you feel is incorrect, don't blame us, blame technology!

Good luck!

1/10 A man trying to sleep

It's a school day and your alarm rudely wakes you up from a brilliant sleep. What sort of sound do you make?

2/10 A grumpy teacher

The teacher walks into your classroom and trips over. What sound do you make?

3/10 Mayor in gold chains

The Mayor of Beanotown has come to school and has announced something very important. How do you react?

4/10 A cricket ball resting on a bat

Excellent. It's time for some sport – Super Turbo Cricket. How do you feel the game will be?

5/10 A man playing a sad melody on a violin

Your favourite teacher isn't in class. What's the most appropriate Boombox sound for this turn of events?

6/10 A school bell ringing

The school bell is ringing A LOT. What do you think this could mean?

7/10 A singing dog and man joining in

It's time for everyone to sing the Bash Street School song. Choose your Boombox sound to show how you feel!


What sound suits your friends the most?

9/10 A man being pranked with a tube of popular crisps

Let's talk about pranks! What sound suits your choice of prank?

10/10 A whoopee cushion

Someone has left a whoopee cushion lying around. What kind of sound does it make?

Result: Leader

You are a: LEADER!

You're the kind of person everyone can depend on when it comes to defeating cunning teachers!

Result: Team player

You are a: TEAM PLAYER!

You're a loyal friend and always there to lend a helping hand! And you love a string sausages, too...

Result: Swot

You are a: SWOT!

We knew it! We bet you ask for extra homework and have your bowtie ironed every morning. before school!

Result: Teacher

You are a: TEACHER!

What? What are you doing taking this quiz? Why aren't you marking books and stuff!