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What Dragon Are You? Personality Quiz

Fancy yourself as a fire-breathing monster? Find out which type of dragon you'd be in this epic mythical quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 22nd 2021
1/15 Curry spices and hot peppers

You fancy a curry. How hot would you like it?

2/15 A dragon swooping over a sports stadium

Pick a sport!

3/15 Harry Potter and flying books

What's your favourite Harry Potter book?

4/15 A dragon flying over a sandy beach

Pick a holiday destination!

5/15 The four seasons, and a massive dragon breathing fire

What's your favourite season?


Are you scared of the English patron saint, St. George?


What did you get up to last weekend?


Do you have wings?


Pick a snack:


What's more annoying?


Are you good or bad?


What do you think of Welsh people?


What's your biggest weakness?


Where would you rather go on holiday?


What's your best party trick?

You are a classic Dragon!

You're the standard dragon from fairy tales... you like terrorising the countryside, breathing fire and flying about. Look out for knights in shining armour though!

You are a Chinese Dragon!

You're a fun dragon. You're not evil at all, and are a mythical animal whose job it is to look after the Emperor and protect the people and the heavens. Nice one!

You are a Hydra!

You're a terrifying ancient Greek dragon called the Hydra! You have loads of heads, and when one is cut off another two grown it it's place. Your blood is also incredibly poisonous, which is nice.

You are Quetzalcoatl!

You're a rather strange dragon. You're the ancient Aztec god Quetzacoatl - you're part serpent, part lizard, part bird...but all dragon. Most people have never heard of you which makes you a weird choice - but you are a God of knowledge and rule wisely over central and south America.