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This What Feeling Are You Quiz Is A Rollercoaster!

Are you happiness itself? Or are you about to go rage mode? Find out what feeling is most like you in this emotionally fun feelings quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 16th 2022

Everyone has feelings. Happiness, sadness, anger - even lots of weird combinations of feelings that can be pretty confusing. Laughing at someone spilling trifle down themselves? That might be guilt. Or maybe you're disgusted at something you know is good for you. Like sprouts. That's a complex emotiont too!

All feelings are natural, and nothing to be ashamed about. But sometimes you need a quiz to tell you exactly which one is most like you! So here we go! That's why we're all here, isn't it?


This dog just wee'd on your carpet. What do you do now?


Pick a meal!


You think you heard someone say something mean about you but you're not sure. What do you do?


Choose a colour:

5/10 An axolotl smiling in a tank

If you could be any animal, what would it be?


What's your ideal day out?


Choose a noise:


You have a big test tomorrow morning. How do you feel?


When do you usually arrive for things?


What was the last dream you had?

You're happiness!

You're the best feeling there is! You're that lovely warm, positive glow that comes after a nice experience or a job well done! More feelings should be like you! Not sure this is the right feeling for you? Have another go at this quiz and see if you get a different result!

You're anger!

Ok... this is an interesting one! You're anger! Now, this feeling can definitely be useful, but it's important it's not over-used, as generally it's not fun. Let's keep the anger to heavy metal and pro wrestling matches, where it belongs! Let's have another go and see if you can get a different feeling!

You're amusement!

You're closely related to happiness, but you're that feeling where pretty much everything is funny. You're never bored and can see the fun side in everything! This is a great feeling to be! If you'd rather a different feeling (not sure why!) you can always try this quiz again!

You're confusion!

This isn't really a good or bad feeling, because everyone gets this every now and again. The world is pretty complicated so it's only natural to be confused! Especially when online quizzes are asking you all sorts of silly questions! Don't understand? Don't worry - just roll with it! Not sure this is the right feeling for you? Have another go at this quiz and see if you get a different result!