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What Fidget Toy Are You? Quiz

We've all stared at a fidget toy and wondered that if we're in any way similar to them. This test will put those thoughts to rest!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Fidget toys are as popular as free ice cream on a hot summer's day. Which one are you most like though? Are you a fidget spinner or more of a flippy chain? Find out a definitive answer by taking this highly scientific personality quiz!

1/12 Person lying on a beach

Where do you wish you could go on holiday this summer?


What's the best type of pick 'n' mix sweet?

3/12 A family watching TV
Brainchild | Atomic Entertainment | Netflix

Pick something to watch!

4/12 An exciting board game

Pick a board game!

5/12 Broccoli

What sort of vegetable suits your mood?

6/12 A person thinking about shapes

What's your favourite shape?

7/12 A surprised apple

What do you enjoy most about school?

8/12 A child jumping on a bed in a tidy room

How organised is your room?

9/12 A man staring at something

What are you most likely to remain focussed on?

10/12 Dog eating popcorn

How do you like to relax?

11/12 Men counting numbers gif

Do you enjoy complicated tasks?

12/12 A man doing knitting next to a hedge

What sort of hobbies are you interested in?

Pop it

You are a: POP IT!

The Pop It is like having unlimited bubble wrap in your hands and is so satisfying!

Flippy chain

You are a: FLIPPY CHAIN!

The Flippy Chain is literally made of the same type of chain used on bikes and whatnot, and very relaxing to use!

Fidget spinner


This is the boss of all fidget toys and can be seen in pretty much every school playground, car, bus or backpack in the land. The fidget spinner knows what's what, and so do you.

Fidget cube

You are a: FIDGET CUBE!

The Fidget Cube is a mechanical click toy and never stops being boring, does it?