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What Footballer Am I Quiz? No Pass Backs!

Being a professional footballer is a lot of people’s dream job - but which one are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 26th 2023

There are so many players out there in the world, some of them are GOATS, but most of them are human. What is certain though, Goat or not, is that secretly we all want to know which of them we’ve got most in common with. Well the time has finally come to find out, so strap those boots over your hooves and lets see where we go from here!


What is most important about a footballer for you?


Pick a pop star to be on your team!


You’re in on goal, where do you shoot?


It’s the night before a big match, what do you eat for dinner?


What is your spirit animal?


Besides football, what is your favourite sport?


Where would you most like to go on holiday?


What is your favourite genre of music?


What is your dream position?


Describe a through-ball…

PSG | Official Gallery


Epic, you’ve got style, skill and you never give up. Just like Messi, you know exactly what you want and you’re willing to go all the way to get it - lots of people already think you’re amazing, which is a good start, but just like Messi, sometimes you have to prove it to those non-believers! Nice!

PSG | Official Gallery


Awesome! You’ve got most in common with Mbappe. You’re one of the fastest in your group of friends and you’ve got an explosive energy that makes you unpredictable both on and off the pitch! Just like Mbappe, you’re not the kind of person to give up just because you’re behind, and that’s what sets you apart from the rest! Nice one!

England Squad | Official Gallery

Jill Scott!

Amazing, Jill Scott is hands down a hero of football, she was the England squad’s lucky charm and gave her teammates the confidence to win the first major tournament for their country in a generation. Jill is reliable, funny and experienced, and a bit like you, she can raise the spirit of a team and inspire them to go all the way!

Manchester United | Official Gallery

Harry Maguire!

Ok, so you might not be super happy with this, but Maguire has always had England’s back whenever they go into a big tournament. His head is something special and can score goals just as easily as defend! A bit like Harry, you don’t let people's opinions get in the way of playing at your best all the time! Nice!