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What Girl YouTuber Are You?

Which YouTube icon are you most like? Take this scientific quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 Popcorn

What's the best popcorn to munch on during a film?

2/10 Squishier

Which type of squishie do you love the most?

3/10 Snacks

What's your idea of a perfect snack?

4/10 A video game

What sort of video game do you enjoy playing the most?

5/10 A pile of books

Pick a book!


How would you friends describe you?

7/10 Paint brushes

What are you most likely to paint?

8/10 A gooey pizza slice

What's the greatest pizza topping?

9/10 A clothes rack

What sort of clothes do you wear normally?

10/10 A range of colourful socks

What design is on your socks right now?

Tiny Reads
Tiny Reads | YouTube

You are: Tiny Reads!

You're a bookworm who stops reading long enough to present a YouTube channel!

Zoella | YouTubeTi

You are: Zoella!

You're the go-to YouTube for beauty product advice and top tips!

Moriah Elizabeth
Morian Elizabeth | YouTube

You are: Moriah Elizabeth!

You're the arty YouTuber who can repair any squishie with some paint, glue and a dash of sarcasm!

Stacy Plays
StacyPlays | YouTube

You are: stacyplays!

Is there anyone better at Minecraft? We doubt it!