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Hair Cut Quiz For Girls

Bothered by your barnet? Find out what your new haircut should be in this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 23rd 2022

Pick a celeb with amazing hair 


Pick something to chat about with the hairdresser


Which crazy colour would you dye your hair?


Pick an animal fur


Pick a Disney princess 


Pick a hair accessory 


Pick a day of the week


If your friend had really bad hair, would you tell them?


Choose a destination


You wake up with terrible hair! What do you do?

Dolly Parton Result

The Dolly Parton

Big, loud and proud! You need a Dolly Parton 'do to show the world how fun you can be! But don't walk through small doors or it might get stuck!

My little pony result

The My Little Pony Tail

Easy, quick and stylish - it's the ponytail!  Perfect for getting your hair out of your face when you're trying to focus. And you'll look like a horse, which is extra cool. 

The bob result

The Bob

 It's not a guy, it's a hairstyle! The bob is the perfect way to get your hair out of your face!

The no hair hair result

No hair hair

Bored of your hairstyle? Her's the ultimate solution - get rid of ALL your hair! No more fussing, worrying or cutting! No hair, no problems!