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Which Harry Potter Female Character Are You?

Harry Potter may be the Boy Wizard but the girls run the show. Take our quiz and find out which of the Harry Potter female characters you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2022
1/15 Beano Hogwarts shield with McGonagall cat, owl and parchment

Which Hogwarts house would you choose?

2/15 Quill, ink, parchment splats and screaming pineapple

Do you work hard at school?

3/15 Otter with goofy face

What animal would you turn into, if you could?

4/15 Old street with question mark

Where in the Wizarding world would you most like to go?

5/15 Magic wand doing spell and Beano dragon

Pick a spell

6/15 A badger at a Hufflepuff party

There’s a party at Hufflepuff. Are you going?

7/15 A magic wand

What’s your favourite spell?

8/15 A carpenter checks a piece of wood, while wearing protective goggles

What’s your wand of choice made from?

9/15 A Golden Snitch

It’s the big Quidditch match! Who will you be cheering for?

10/15 A fun person looking surprised

What is your personality like?

11/15 A young witch holding a spider

What’s your patronus?

12/15 A girl sitting on a flying book

What was the last book you read?

13/15 A delicious birthday cake

It’s your birthday. What are you going to wish for?

14/15 Feet in socks, relaxing with a hot drink

What do you want to do when you grow up?

15/15 A dachshund in fancy dress

What would be your fancy dress costume of choice?

Hermione Granger

You are: Hermione Granger!

You're clever, good with spells and can usually be found in thew library with your nose in a book. And so what if people say you're boring? They're just jealous because you're the smartest kid they know!

Cho Chang

You are: Cho Chang!

You're very polite, have impeccable manners and get on with everyone you meet! You're also Tutshill Tornados' biggest fan. Go Quidditch!

Luna Lovegood

You are: Luna Lovegood!

You're an independent-minded wizard and you don't need friends to tell you how to live your life!

Professor McGonagall

You are: Professor McGonagall!

Underneath that stern exterior, you're actually a big softie. Plus, you can turn into a cat!