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What Human Emotion Am I? Quiz

Which human emotion do you embody? Answer some random questions and pick some things, and we'll tell you exactly which emotion you are! What will you be?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 28th 2022

We all have emotions - but which one truly represents you? You can only find out by taking this quiz! Answer some questions about random stuff, and we'll tell you which emotion you are! Ready? Don't get too emotional about it!


1/10 Choose an emoji

2/10 Woman pointing to phone

If a friend got a cool new phone, what would you say?

3/10 Woman looking confused in snowy weather

Pick some weather

4/10 Monsters, Inc.
Monsters, Inc. | Pixar

Pick a Pixar film

5/10 Beano racoon and cosy blanket

What makes you happy?

6/10 Angry cat with emoji

What makes you angry?

7/10 Mouse on blue background

Which animal would you rather be?

8/10 Mint leaves and question marks

Choose a flavour

9/10 Woman sneezing and derpy panda

What would you rather do?

10/10 Girl crying angrily and splats

Do you cry easily?

Joy result


You're joy! Everything makes you feel happy! You're generally positive and see the best in everything! But don't forget, it's ok to be a bit sad sometimes too!

Fear result


Oh no, you're fear, aaargh! Everything makes you jump, and you're always on guard! Maybe learn to chill out from time to time and see what the other emotions have to offer!

Surprise result


What??? You're surprise! What a surprise! Everything makes you gasp with wonder! The whole world is just a surprise waiting to happen! You must be exhausted!

Disgust result


Eurgh, you're disgust! That doesn't mean you're disgusting, it just means you have a general disdain for stuff! Honestly, I bet you're disgusted with this result!