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What If Chickens Were Enormous?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 22nd 2017

Look at this giant chicken!

Imagine if all chickens grew this big, and just didn't stop growing!

When they were three metres tall, they'd tower over even the tallest of basketball players...

Wikimedia Commons

Eventually they'd dwarf landmarks

Even a big city like London would look tiny next to these enormous fowl

Wikimedia Commons

Even the tallest buildings in the world would seem insubstantial next to them

Th Empire State Building is 443 metres high, but if a chicken was enormous enough it would feel microsopic!

Wikimedia Commons

Eventually, Planet Earth itself would be nothing but a little ball, a plaything for these universe-sized feathered fiends

It's probably best for everyone that chickens stay the size they are

Wikimedia Commons