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What if Disney Films Were Improved by Alexa!

How could Disney classics like Moana, The Little Mermaid, and Frozen get any better? By adding an Amazon Alexa of course!

Disney films are pretty much all amazing aren’t they? So many classic films across so many decades! But let’s face it, things can always be improved. And what better way to improve them then by adding our favourite helpful home AI bot, the Amazon Alexa! 

Watch as Alexa attempts to help Belle in the Beast’s castle only to get rejected. Then Alexa joins the Ariel the mermaid in an underwater swim. Alexa stands in for Olaf in Frozen but gets sassy with the evil queen in Sleeping Beauty. Then finally, after going through all that, Moana’s simple chicken sidekick Heihei takes a real shine to Alexa. Then mistakes her for food. Oops!