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What Is My Favourite Colour Quiz?

Radically red or totally turquoise? What is YOUR favourite colour? It's time to find out with this epic personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 5th 2022

Many people have a colour that they're most drawn to and that makes them feel most like themselves. Different colours are even considered lucky (or unlucky!) in some cultures. But what is YOUR favourite colour, and what does that say about you? Are you into bright shades or moody hues? Let’s find out! For more colourful quizzery take a peek at our Ultimate Colour Quiz or perhaps find out What Colour Lighstaber you are!

1/10 Friends hugging

Your friends would describe you as...

2/10 A person relaxing on a beach with a dolphin in the background

Pick a view!

3/10 Girl with football and question mark

Pick a football team!

4/10 A dog relaxing with slices of cucumber on their eyes

How do you like to relax?

5/10 A grumpy bird

Pick a bird!

6/10 Rabbit in sunglasses

What accessory do you always need?

7/10 A fruit bowl

Pick a fruit!

8/10 Bunch of different biscuits

Pick a biscuit…

9/10 Rainbow in man's living room

What would you most like to find at the end of a rainbow?


And finally... pick a favourite fictional character!



Your favourite colour is red! Red is associated with passion and strength, with fire and warmth. Did you know in China red is also considered to be lucky? You have made a powerful choice!



Your favourite colour is green! Green is associated with nature and healing, with calm and serenity. Did you know that it can also be associated with money? You have made a healthy choice!



Your favourite colour is blue! Blue is associated with space and freedom, with water and air. Did you know that blue is also considered the most trustworthy colour? You have made a wise choice!



Your favourite colour is black! Black is associated with drama and mystery, with night and elegance Did you know that black is the colour most loved by the fashion industry? You have made stylish choice!