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What Is The #DabkeChallenge?

The law of gravity goes out the window with this dance – and so might some of the dancers!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2017

Hey, have you heard of the Dabke Challenge? It's suddenly all over the place!

Instagram | livelovebekaa

It started as an old Lebanese folk dance, where suddenly one person isn't dancing on the floor anymore... they're dancing on the WALL!

YouTube | Krys K

It's gaining momentum as a social media thing, and there are lots of dirty footprints scuffing up walls all over the world!

YouTube | elie alam

And obviously, there have been plenty of fails!

Instagram | s.chindeh

Give it a go yourselves, but don't blame us if your mum and dad are LIVID at the state of the walls afterwards!

Instagram | natali_brabs