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What Is Your Favourite Sport Quiz

We will tell you what your favourite sport is in this 100% accurate quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 17th 2022

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1/8 Woman running

How fit are you right now?

2/8 Darts

Pick an indoor game

3/8 Cool Runnings cast
Cool Runnings | Walt Disney Pictures | Dawn Steel, Susan B Landau, Jeffrey Bydalek | Jon Turteltaub

Pick a sports movie 

4/8 Stressed man

How good are you under pressure?

5/8 Man holding a cheese

Pick a silly sport

6/8 Tug of war

Pick the one that best describes you

7/8 Sports crowd

What's the best thing about sports?

8/8 Trophy

Pick a sports object


Football! You love football - you eat sleep and breathe it, and you have pajamas in your favourite teams colours. 

American Football!

It's like rugby, but American! You're a huge American Football fan and you love following all the games, teams and events!


Your favourite sport is Basketball! You love nothing more than shooting hoops (Or trying to...) and you love watching the games on tv!


You love cricket! You're a natural on the field, and you're great at wicket stuff...look we don't know much about cricket, but I know you love it!