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What Is Your YouTube Name Quiz!

Take this personality quiz and we’ll give you your own YouTube name and what sort of content you’d make!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 17th 2022

Have you ever watched your favourite YouTubers and found your mind wandering about what your YouTuber name would be? What’s blam and gives an idea about what sort of content you’d make? We’ve all done it. Why not take this personality quiz and our special computer will crunch the data and present you with your own YouTube name and an idea about what your channel would be like!

1/10 A man and a sandwich playing a video game

What sort of video games do you enjoy playing?

2/10 A woman with a thumbs up emoji in a thought bubble

How would your friends describe you?

3/10 A teacher points at a student

How would your teacher describe you?

4/10 A man eating a snack
Please add image credits here

What sort of snack do you want right now?

5/10 A man eating popcorn at the cinema

What sort of movie do you enjoy watching?

6/10 A woman in a virtual reality headset laughing at a sandwich

If you wore a virtual reality headset, which kind of city would you explore?

7/10 A clothes rack full of colourful t-shirts

What sort of clothes do you wear when you’re not at school?

8/10 A Viking in a classroom

What’s your favourite subject at school?

9/10 A gif of the YouTube logo
YouTube | Giphy

What would your catchphrase be if you had your own YouTube channel?

10/10 A dog who appears to be an artist

What sort of craft do you enjoy doing?

Result: Fortnite Chris

Your YouTube name is: Fortnite Chris!

You’re clearly an enthusiastic gamer and love giving hints and tips to your followers for one game and one game only… Fortnite!

Result: Crafty Claire

Your YouTube name is: Crafty Claire!

You’d be YouTube’s number one craft channel and can turn your hand to anything arty – painting squishies, building models and making your own tie-dye t-shirts (without even making a mess)

Result: Virtual Realiterry

Your YouTube name is: Virtual Realiterry!

You wear a virtual reality headset and give your fans a running commentary on the places you’re exploiting. Your pet cat is something of a star, too, as they get up to mischief in the background without you realising!

Result: Vicky’s Modern Life

Your YouTube name is: Vicky’s Modern Life!

You love documenting everything you do and offer your fans a glimpse into a YouTuber’s world. Whether you play games, come up with awesome food hacks or just chat about a bag of crisps you’ve just hand, your videos are fun and informative!