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What Jelly Video Should I Watch?

Jelly is possibly the best Minecraft Youtuber out there - but are you a mine master?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 23rd 2024

Jelly and his friends make some of the best content when it comes to the amazing world of Minecraft - and they’ve been at it for a long time so there are a lot of videos to get through! So why not have a go at our specially designed quiz and see for yourself which of their amazing videos you should try your pickaxe at?!

1/10 A gamer and a goat

What is your favourite game?


Which animal fart would you like to smell LEAST?


Which is your favourite piece of furniture?


What is your dream breakfast?

5/10 A girls sits on a flying book with an eagle-human in the background

All of the Minecraft servers are down - what do you do?


Squid Island is voting for a new President, who do you vote for?


Which vegetable do you feel most like today?

8/10 People exchanging Christmas gifts

It’s Jelly’s birthday, what do you get them?


What do you think of spiders?


What would you do to live on Squid Island?

Jelly | YouTube

Secure the Camel Statue!

Awesome! Like jelly, you know that if you're planning on securing a camel statue, you’ve got to do it right! That doesn’t mean that things will go completely according to plan, but it’s worth a go! So if you haven’t already watched this video, you should go and check it out! You might learn something!

Jelly | YouTube

Chaos every 60 seconds!

Jelly never runs away from a challenge - though they might run away from TNT rain! Why not check out this video and see how your favourite YouTuber managed to deal with the stress of chaos happening every minute! Will they be able to handle it? Maybe you could do better?!

Jelly | YouTube

My Giant Bee Statue is Finished!

Do you like building as much as Jelly? Well if that’s your jam (jelly if you’re from America), then look no further! Jelly built one of the greatest statues in the whole of Minecraft history and it’s pretty decent though we say so ourselves! Go check it out if you haven’t seen it!

Jelly | YouTube

Secret Tree House!

Awesome! This is one of Jelly’s best videos, because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to run away and live up a tree sometimes?! So if that’s your kind of thing, living in a tree that is, why not check out this video and see if it’s for you? Maybe you might be more of a bed person after all?