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Britain's Funniest Class - What Sort of Joker Are You?

What's your joker style? Are you a deadpan Debbie or a puntastic Pete? Take this quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  May 31st 2022

Shhh, it's me! The Secret Stand-Up, and I'm back to find out - what kind of joker are you? Are you into pranks and japes, or are you more or a deadpan anecdote sorta person? Only once you know your joker personality can you harness your true powers. Take my scientifically calibrated quiz and find out the answer once and for all!


Pick a funny character


Choose a funny prop


Who makes you laugh the most?


Pick a funny animal


Pick a funny super power


Choose a very serious character


Choose an April Fools prank


Pick a theme park


Do you always do your homework on time?


Are you the funny one in your group of friends?


Choose a funny job


Choose a way of laughing


You're a deadpan joker! You tell jokes with a straight face and never let on when you're messing around! It takes a lot to make you laugh, but if you do, it will probably be sarcastically!


You're a prankster! Where it's stink bombs, fake bugs or sweets that turn your tongue black, you like nothing more than messing with people! Just make sure it doesn't backfire and you get pranked by your victims!


You're a punmaster! You love nothing more than word play and telling jokes. It's difficult to shut you up because you're always cracking jokes!


You're slapstick! You're talent is making people laugh with your silly moves! You've got legs made of jelly and you're an expert in pulling faces! No one can do a fake fall like you!

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