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The Art Of Breaking the Rules Quiz: What Kind of Artist Are You?

There's lots of different types of artistic styles – but which one are you? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 22nd 2021

To celebrate the launch of Beano – The Art of Breaking the Rules (which is open at Somerset House in London until 6th March 2022!!!), we’re putting your artistic skills to the test! There are many styles of art in the world to capture your imagination and it would take a long time to list every single one. The question is, what type of artist are you? How do you channel your thoughts and ideas when it comes to being creative? Is it in a painting or drawing, or even those big, hefty sculptures you see in museums?

Take this very special quiz and we'll tell you!

1/10 A dog with some spilled paints

What do you like to use when you create your art?

2/10 A canvas with a painting of a heart

Where is your favourite place to make art?

3/10 A dog in a smart raincoat

What sort of pet do you have?

4/10 A sock nailed to a canvas

What's your favourite kind of art?

5/10 Two friends hanging out together

What's your perfect day with friends?

6/10 A woman enjoying some music

What music do you listen to when making art?

7/10 Jabba being drawing in outer space

What's the first thing you remember drawing?

8/10 A painting in an art gallery

Which city do you see your work being displayed?

9/10 A woman pointing at a rubber chicken in front of a colour chart

What is your favourite colour?

10/10 A dog who appears to be an artist

Who or what inspires you?

Result: Sculptor

You are a: SCULPTOR!

You don't just see a chunk of marble – you see an opportunity to create!

Result: Surrealist artist


Your paintings don't make sense at all – in a good way! You style of art makes the brain kick into gear as it tries to decipher what an earth is going on. Like, why are all the clocks melting?

Abstract artist


Sure, your style of painting doesn't exactly represent what it's supposed to, but your use of colour and shapes really makes you stop and think! Abstract painting loves to kick the rules into a big hedge.

Result: Modern Artist


Modern art definitely breaks the rules of what art is or is supposed to be. It's experimental and exciting. What to paint a smear of blue across that drawing of a face? Sure, go ahead. Have fun. What does it mean? Whatever you want it to mean!