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What Kind of Bike Should I Get Quiz?

Bikes are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around fast! But which bike would suit you the most?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 4th 2022

The invention of the bicycle changed the world, for a start it meant that women, who weren’t normally allowed to travel on their own, had a way to do it. It meant that they could get around and see their friends and get involved with the community. Nowadays, bikes are everywhere and there are some amazingly cool bikes on offer - but which one should you get?!


What is your favourite time period?


What is your favourite landscape?


How many gears do you like to have on a bike?


What is your favourite animal from this list?


What genre of music is your favourite?


What food seasoning represents you the most?


What flavour ice cream would you pick?


There is a pig in your bathroom, what do you do?


It’s raining but you don’t have a coat, what do you grab?


Your tablet has run out of battery, what do you do?

Mountain Bike!

You’re adventurous and like steep hills, so there is only one real choice for you, and that's a mountain bike! All those gears and big tyres mean you can tackle all of life’s challenges, so long as you can ride over them anyway! So long as you’re wearing a helmet there’s nowhere these bikes can’t take you, so saddle up and let’s go!

Folding Bike!

You like things to be neat and tidy, so a folding bike is the one for you! These bikes can fit into a tiny space and you can even take them on the train! Cool right? The little tyres might not be the best for a really long journey but that’s ok, you can take it easy and do it with style!


Okay! So this isn’t quite a bicycle because it’s got three wheels rather than two! Remember bi = 2 and tri = 3, think about the triangle! Wait, is there a biangle? Who knows, but what we do know is that you’re a laid back kind of person who loves to chill out and what better way to chill on the move than relaxing without worrying about it you’re going to topple over!

Penny Farthing!

This is one of the earliest types of bicycles in the world and is named after two different sized coins from the Victorian period - the farthing coin was really big, but the penny was really small. This bike can travel very fast because of it’s big wheel, but it’s really dangerous because of how high up you are when you’re riding it! It also looks really silly, but just like you, that find and it’s cool to roll with it!