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What Kind of Fish Am I?

What is the meaning of life? You won’t find the answer to the ultimate question in this quiz but you will discover what kind of fish you are. That’s something at least, right?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021
1/9 "Hello. Where do you think you're going" says Ray.

Hello. Where do you think you’re going?

2/9 You should be in school?

Shouldn’t you be in school or something?


I’m starving. What's for lunch?

4/9 Tropical holiday.

Going anywhere on holiday this year?

5/9 Sardine relaxing in a tin.

How do you chill?

6/9 Mr and Mrs Ball and their son, Sebastian.

I’m bored. Fancy doing some sport?

7/9 A seal yawning. Ok, it's not fish.

I’m tired after all that sport. You?

8/9 Flatscreen TV in the sea. Not recommended!

We could watch a film?

9/9 Snorkelling man requests feedback.

Nearly done. Have you enjoyed this quiz?

You're a shark do do dodoo doodoo!

You’re a Shark

Yes. A shark is a fish before you ask. You are the king of sea. Like a shark you’re tough, ruthless and have incredibly bad table manners.

Stop clown-fishing around

You're a Clown Fish

Like a clown fish you’re friendly and kind. You might be a little bit shy, but so what if you don’t want to be the coolest fish in the school? You love hanging out with your friends and, best of all, they love hanging out with you! 

Aiming high like a flying fish

You’re a Flying Fish

Fish can’t fly they said. The flying fish proved them wrong. You won’t listen to the nay-sayers either. There’s nothing you can’t do when you put your mind to it. 

Deep like an angler fish

You're an Angler Fish

Like the angler fish you're happiest in the dark with only a tiny light for company. The angler fish uses it to catch his prey but as there are no prawns in your bedroom (hopefully) you use it to read under the covers. Apart from that you’re identical though.