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What Kind Of Ghost Are You?

Which spook are you? Find out with this sinister quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What Kind Of Ghost Are You?

1/8 Spooky house

Where do you hang out?

2/8 Sheet ghost on dark background

What's your favourite outfit?

3/8 Man dressed as Beetlejuice

Choose a famous ghost

4/8 Spooky castle at night

How did you die?

5/8 Two children hiding under a blanket looking scared

Choose a spooky movie

6/8 Hampton court palace

Choose a real-life haunted location

7/8 Zombie reaching hand out on grey background

Choose another spooky being

8/8 Man with mouth open on grey background

Pick a creepy sound affect to follow you round 

Friendly ghost result thumbnail

Friendly Ghost

You're a friendly ghost! Like Casper, you just love having fun and hanging out! You're more spooky than scary, and you can be found in haunted houses and other places where you might make some new friends!

Headless Historical Ghost result thumbnail

Headless Historical Ghost

You're a historical ghost! Whether you are a ghostly king or a spooky queen, you haunt your old castle with your head tucked underneath your arm! You like scaring tourists and looking at your old portraits. Classy!

Poltergeist result thumbnail


You're a Poltergeist! Poltergeist means 'noisy ghost' in German, and you definitely live up to your name! You're more annoying than scary, and you can be found throwing things around in peoples houses, switching lights on and off and generally causing mayhem! 

Vengeful Ghost

Uh oh, you're a vengeful ghost! Someone wronged you many years ago, and now you're out for revenge! You won't rest until justice has been done. You can be found wandering hallways and graveyards, or maybe haunting your enemy!