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What Kind of Library Would You Run?

Always wanted to set up your own library but not really sure what kind it should be? Take this personality quiz and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 1st 2023

Libraries are awesome places to visit. They're absolutely rammed full of books on pretty any topic you could imagine (unless someone has borrowed them). But if you could have your very own library, what kind would it be? Find out by answering these simple questions very quietly. People are trying to read. Thanks!

1/10 T-rex looms over a town

What sort of buildings do you like?

2/10 A painter holding a paint colour chart

What colour will the library's walls be?

3/10 A bear and a pile of books

What kind of books do you enjoy the most?

4/10 A man surprised by books

How do you like to read?


5/10 Pick a type of chair!

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6/10 Pick a librarian!

7/10 An annoyed person with steam coming out of their ears

What happens if someone returns a book late?

8/10 A man singing in a quiet library

Are you allowed to make any noise at all in your library?

9/10 A woman carrying a stack of books

How many books are you allowed on one ticket?


What's your book recommendation of the month?

Result: Wizard Library


Your Wizard Library is full of books on spells, transfiguration, potions and stuff we really don't understand. But if you're a wizard or interested in magic, this is the place to be. It has a secret door so you'll need to learn how to pass through it. Leaflets on request.

Result: Local Library


Your Local Library is exactly just that: fact, fiction, DVDs and a place to relax and read! It's nice and warm and a great place to hang out (if you don't make any noise).

Result: Space Library


Your Space Library is full of books on stars, planets and how to repair rockets. It's also in space, so if people are planning to visit, pack sandwiches! And a space helmet.

Result: Minecraft Library


Your Minecraft Library is full of books on how to get ahead in the popular building game. There's no fiction or factual books. Just Minecraft knowledge pressed and printed into big, blocky hardbacks!