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What Kind Of Roblox Player Are You Quiz?

If you love Roblox you've come to the right place

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 27th 2021


How many years have you been playing roblox


How do you describe yourself?


How do your friends describe you


4/10 Choose an animal…


5/10 What’s your favourite part of Christmas Dinner?


What is your favourite film

7/10 Sports quiz thumbnail

What is your favourite sport NOT counting Roblox (which is definitely a sport btw)?


What’s your top ice-cream to eat whilst gaming?

9/10 A person clutching a pillow, standing next to a raccoon

Pick a colour of pyjamas to play Roblox in ALL DAY LONG!


Who is your favourite non-roblox YouTuber?


You’re a noob. You’ve only just started playing Roblox. Have fun out there!!


You’re a Memer. You’d rather make a funny joke than win at Roblox. That’s why people like you!

You’re a Try-Hard

You take things a little seriously sometimes but no worries, that’s not always a bad thing. Just remember that Roblox is game!

You’re a BOSS!

You prefer not to follow. ESPECIALLY when it comes to playing Roblox! It’s cool to be confident, just let someone else have a go in charge once in a while!