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What Slime Are You? Quiz

There are so many different types of slime out there, but which slime are you? Take our slime quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 24th 2022
1/7 Dog hanging out with slime on her head

Where are you most likely to hang out?

2/7 What slime are you? Slime teacher of your dreams

Who would be your dream teacher?


3/7 Pick a monster

4/7 Snacks covered in slime

What's your favourite snack?

5/7 Which slime are you? Woman shouting into a slime filled megaphone

How do your normally get someone's attention?

6/7 What slime are you? Slime on a bedroom wall

What do you have on your bedroom wall?


7/7 Choose a slimy creature

Slime quiz: Classic Slime

You're Classic slime!

No need for that fancy stuff. You're just good old-fashioned slime - just like Mama used to make!

Which slime are you? Glitter Slime

You are Glitter slime!

Sparkle sparkle!

What slime are you? Radioactive slime

You are Radioactive slime!

You glow in the dark and are a danger to those around you! You go goo!

Galaxy Slime

You are Galaxy slime!

You are full of cosmic wonder and are totally out of this world!

Noisy Slime

You are Noisy slime!


Slime that didn't work

You are slime that didn't quite work!

You're a bit of a disaster, but that's fine! You're the best disaster! Own it!

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