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What Kind of Writer Are You?

Are you a fiction author or a sports writer? Or are you a poet and aren't aware that you are one? Take this quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 1st 2023

Apart from handing your homework in on time, there's nothing more exciting than having an idea, writing it down and seeing the words come to life on a page. You could write stories, be a reporter, write factual books or be a poet. Not sure which one you'd be? Then take this simple quiz and find out in the time it takes to find a pen in your bag!

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1/10 Pick something to write with!

2/10 An owl reading some books

Where would you like to write?

3/10 A woman enjoying some loud music

What sort of music would you play while you worked on your writing?

4/10 A messy desk

What would you desk look like?

5/10 A man reading loudly in a quiet library

What do you read the most?

6/10 A person writing a very neat letter

What's the most important thing about writing?

7/10 A woman with a thumbs up emoji in a thought bubble

Which author do you admire?

8/10 A typewriter

Some authors have 'pen names'. Pick one!

9/10 A woman carrying a stack of books

Go to a book shelf. What's the first kind of book you notice?

10/10 A man in a black wide brimmed hat

Some writers love to wear hat – possibly to keep their story ideas in one place. Pick one which suits you!

Result: Fiction


You've got a huge imagination and a fantastic way with words. You bring your characters to life with text that sparkles on the page (or tablet) and create worlds that feel very realistic, even if there's a dragon floating about in the background.

Result: Sports journalist


You love sports and reporting on the big games and give fans a glimpse of life behind the scenes! You've got a keen eye for detail and tons of knowledge about sport in general. Plus you get to watch football for your job. A winning result!

Result: Biographer

You are a: BIOGRAPHER!

You write detailed books about celebrities, musicians or important historical figures. You weave facts into a story that makes people want to turn the page!

Result: Poet

You are a: POET!

Words are your ingredients and you bake the tastiest verb cakes ever! You carry a notebook around with you at all times and are prepared to leap into poem-based action at a moment's notice!