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What Monopoly Version are You? Quiz - Let's Roll The Dice!

There are tons of versions of monopoly out there, which is right for you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 10th 2024

Not many board games are as well known as monopoly, and fewer still have the ability to make or ruin a family's Sunday afternoon! So before you test the patience of your family, why not take this quiz and see for yourself which version of monopoly is for you?!


Which country would you rather live in?


Your friend has landed in jail and is asking for your ‘get out of jail free’ card - what do you do?


Which piece do you play as?


What does chance mean to you?


Which colour do you prefer to get all of?


Pick a spot to land on…


What snacks do you eat while playing?




What is your luckiest roll?


You’ve run out of money, what do you do?


Monopoly Go!

Nice! You’ve got the mobile version of the game! You’re the kind of person that likes to keep the game up wherever you are! Monopoly is a pretty old school game, but on the app, it’s been bought right up into the future! If you really want to, you can be in Kings Cross Station whilst actually travelling through it! Awesome!


Monopoly Cats1

Why not?! You’re the kind of person that likes animals above all else, sometimes even above people! There’s one thing for sure, you'd be letting all the cats stay in Mayfair or Park Lane for Free! But now you’ve got cats on the mind, why not check out some of our cat quizzes or fact files on the site?!


Monopoly Dinosaurs

Awesome! Pretty much everyone likes dinosaurs, but not many people would go as far as you and dedicate a whole day of board gaming to them! Dinosaur monopoly is a really good one though, it’s got all the character of normal monopoly, but with dinosaurs, what’s not to love?

Something Else Completely!

Pow! Who’d have thought it! Sometimes the truth is hard to take - according to your results, you should play something completely different to monopoly! How about Risk? Or Wingspan (which is a game all about birds) or maybe even give up on board games completely and go for a nice walk?! The choice is all yours, but something bad might happen if you tried to play monopoly, so beware!