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What Musical Should You See?

Love singing, dancing and adventure? Everyone loves watching big musical numbers - but which stage show is the best one for you? Take this epic theatre quiz and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 24th 2024

There's a lot of musicals out there... from serious historical epics to hilarious singalongs! But what kind of show is perfect for you? Don't waste time reading reviews... just take this quiz and we'll tell you exactly which show is the best fir for a theatre fan like you! Quick! The curtain's coming up on this tricky theatre quiz!

1/10 A globe with a quizzical face

What's your favourite subject at school?

2/10 SIX The Musical
SIX The Musical

Pick one of these!

3/10 A smiley face poking out from behind the curtain

What's the best thing about musicals?

4/10 A jazz musician

What kind of music do you like?

5/10 An old musical instrument

Pick a musical instrument!

6/10 An old portrait
Wikimedia Commons

What is your ideal musical about?

7/10 A cat in a cape

Pick a main character!

8/10 A cat meowing in a theatre

It's the intermission! How are you going to spend it?

9/10 An actor wearing a fish costume

Do you like your musicals realistic? Or ridiculous?

10/10 A dog and a man singing in an old library

Does your ideal musical have a moral at the end of the story?

Mrs Doubtfire
Mrs Doubtfire | Shaftesbury Theatre

You should go see Mrs Doubtfire!

Mrs Doubtfire at the Shaftersbury Theatre in London is the one for you! It's a hilarious comedy based on the movie Mrs Doubtfire - where a dad dresses up like a granny so he can spend time with his kids. It's full of laughs, songs and granny jokes! Not your cup of tea? Never mind - try this quiz again and see who you get next time!

Hamilton | Disney +

You should see Hamilton!

The world-famous musical Hamilton is a sure-fire hit for fans of history, music and exciting stories! It's a show that's more than just singing and dancing, it's a tale of fighting for freedom, human dramas and the early days of the US of A! It also has maybe some of the best costumes around! Not your bag? Take this quiz again and we'll see what you get next time!

SIX The Musical

You should see SIX!

SIX is the musical for you! It follows the stories of the 6 wives of Henry VIII - but told like you've never heard it before! It's full of singing, rapping, dancing and new takes on British history. What's not to like? If you'd rather watch a different one though, just have another go at this quiz!

Local Pantomime

You should watch Puss in Boots at the Wolverhampton Megadome!

Well - we mean by this one is ANY local pantomime! Pantomimes are the original musical theatre, and it's small local productions that keep the scene going. How else will we keep Britain's proud tradition of dressing up and shouting at each other alive? So check what pantos are on near you, and be sure to support your local show!