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What NFL Position Am I? Quiz

Ever wondered what NFL position you'd be best at? Find out now with this epic football quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

What's the best thing about playing football?

@juliojones11 | instagram

Pick a team:


What are you best at?


How good are you at tackling?

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Pick a skill:

@hud_61 | instagram

Pick a player:


Which of these is more fun:


Pick a spot on the field:


What would you rather eat to build your strength before the match?

You're a Quarterback!

You're the boss! You call the play, handle the snap, and are a pro at throwing tight, accurate shots. Nice.ย 

You're a Wide Receiver!

You're a super-speedy offensive player, that often scores big by sneaking up the side of the field and making a run for it with the ball!

You're a Centre!

You're always in the middle of the action - and it's your job to pass the ball to the quarterback at the start of every play. No pressure then!

You're a Linebacker!

You're one of the most important defensive players, and your team's last line of defense! You've got to be strong, fast, and a great tackler. Sound like you?ย