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What Olympic Event Should I Watch?

Can't choose which brilliant Olympic event to tune into? Too many options? Bit overwhelming? Check out our awesome quiz and we'll help you choose! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 6th 2021
1/12 Golf ball with goofy face and club on grass

What's your least favourite sport?

2/12 Arm holding medal with face, cheetah referee looking surprised

Pick an awesome athlete

3/12 Athens with Harpy

Pick an Olympic host city

4/12 Strawberries with heart eyed emoji

Pick a healthy snack

5/12 Bobsleigh with Beano snowman

Pick a winter sport

6/12 Woman stretching, alarm clock with face, Beano face

Do you like getting up early or going to bed late?

7/12 A happy flame

Closing ceremony or opening ceremony?

8/12 Person with parachute in sky and crown

Pick a moment from the 2012 opening ceremony

9/12 Croquet equipment on lawn, ball with face and beach ball with face

Pick a discontinued Olympic sport

10/12 Japanese street with derpy sushi

Pick a Japanese city

11/12 Cheetah running and screaming pineapple

Pick an impressive animal

12/12 Woman rock climbing, arrow and Beano orangutan

If you had to compete at the Olympics, which of these would you do?

Gymnastics result


There's nothing cooler than gymnastics! Sit back, relax and watch these awesome athletes flip around the mat! And don't try it at home!

Dressage result


What's dressage you ask? It's horse dancing! Yes, that's right, horse dancing! Enjoy this highly sophisticated sport and watch some lovely horses doing some lovely prancing!

Pole vault

The pole vault! One of the most impressive feats a human can achieve is jumping over a stick with another big stick, so tune in and watch!


You should watch the karate! This ultimate martial art is Japanese to boot, so you're guaranteed to see some of its best champions at the games!