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What Pals Member Are You Quiz?

Find out which one of the blockbusting Pals team you are most like in our EPIC What Pals Member Are You Quiz.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 6th 2022

They’re all Pals together, that’s why they are called The Pals! There’s Sk3tch, Sub, Denis and Alex, and they’re an unstoppable Minecrafting force. But which one of the amazing, international team of Roblox expert friends are you? Are you the Sub(stitute) or are you a bit more Sk3tchy? Find out with our What Pals Member Are You? Quiz.


What’s your choice from our gaming cafe menu?


2/10 Pick a mascot

3/10 A scene from Minecraft
Minecraft | Mojang

What’s your Minecraft gaming style?

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4/10 Which animal are you most like (be honest)?


Have you tidied your bedroom?


Do you prefer Roblox or Minecraft?


Do you prefer YouTube or TikTok


Pick a minecraft tool…


9/10 What’s your favourite colour?

@thepals | YouTube

Complete the sentence: The secret to making great Roblox content is…

@thepals | YouTube

You’re Sk3tch

Just like Sk3tch, you’re the joker in the pack. There’s nothing quite like the sound of your out of control laughter when you’re being shot at by skeleton archers in Minecraft! Keep smiling, dude!

@thepals | YouTube

You’re Sub

Like Sub you’re a bit of an enigma… In the real world you can be a little bit shy and prefer to keep your cards close to your chest. But in Roblox it’s a different story!

@thepals | YouTube

Your Alex

Kind, calm and with a great sense of humour, you’re the glue that holds your friendship group together. There’s no problem that can’t be solved with your Alex-like zen!

@thepals | YouTube

Your Denis

Could you be any more chill? You’re so laid back you’re nearly lying down! Did you know that not caring about being popular is Denis’ secret weapon to be the most popular Pal around!