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What Percent Sans from Undertale Are You?

This simple Undertale quiz will reveal if you're totally Sans or not even a smidge like the skeleton rascal!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/10 A big fried breakfast

What's your favourite type of breakfast?

2/10 Skeletor
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe | Filmation Associates, Mattel

Who's your favourite skeleton?

3/10 Funny Bones
Funny Bones | Ahlberg and Amstutz | Puffin

Which character from the Funny Bones story do you like the most?

4/10 A finger pointing at the world

Which city would you most like to visit?

5/10 A person playing video games

What's your favourite video game?

6/10 Dennis and the Dinmakers

What's your favourite song?

7/10 A dog waiting to go for a walk

Where's your favourite place to have a big walk?

8/10 A cat patting a sleeping man's forehead

How important are naps to you?

9/10 A puppy next to a spilled potted plant

Are you a tidy person?

10/10 An array of slippers

What colour are your slippers?

100% SANS
Undertale | Toby Fox

You are: 100% SANS!

You couldn't be more like Sans if you tried. We're guessing you're actually Sans and just took this quiz to prove it.

50% SANS
Undertale | Toby Fox

You are: 50% SANS!

You're laid back just like this bony character. But the main difference is that you're covered in skin.

15% SANS
Undertale | Toby Fox

You are: 15% SANS!

There's tiny elements about Sans' personality that are similar – you like naps, for example – but that's about it!

Undertale | Toby Fox

You are: 1% SANS!

The only thing you have in common with Sans is that you have a skeleton. And that's it!