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What Snake Am I?

Ever wondered what kind of snake is most like you? Find out with this hiss-terical quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 15th 2022

Where would you rather go on holiday?


Are you venomous?


What would you rather eat for dinner?

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Pick a skill:


Which one of these school subjects are you best at?


How do you relax after a long week being a snake?


Pick a habitat:


What word describes you best?

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What music are you listening to right now?


What kind of humans do you like LEAST?

You're a milk snake!

You're a very cute and friendly kind of snake - you're not poisonous and you make for a good pet. People often mix you up with the dangerous coral snake though, and apart from a couple of stripes you look exactly the same.

You're a King Cobra!

You're a truly impressive snake - you're the world's longest venomous snake and are famous for your deadly bite. You're so hardcore you don't even eat mammals like other snakes do - no, you eat OTHER SNAKES! Even other venomous ones!ย ย 

You're an Anaconda!

You're the world's BIGGEST snake - reaching up to a gigantic 10 metres! You're found in the jungles of South East Asia, with cousins in the Amazon and other rainforest areas. You're not venomous, choosing instead to crush your prey with your muscly body, and then swallow it whole. You've been known to eat whole pigs, deer, crocodiles... even the occasional unlucky human (though this is very rare). Eek!

You're a Rattlesnake!

You're a big, venomous snake from the Americas. You're pretty dangerous, but it's rare for your bite to kill a human. Your most distinctive trait is your tail, which you rattle in a menacing way whenever danger approaches. Apart from scaring cowboys, you're also famous for being one of only a few types of snakes that gives birth to live snake babies! Weird!ย