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What Sofia Carson Song Are You?

Have ever listened to a Sofia Carson song and gave some serious thought to which of her songs resemble you the most? Take this quiz and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 17th 2021

Actor Sofia Carson is famous for her role as Evie in the Descendants films, as well as a successful vocalist too. Take this quiz to see which of her songs you're most similar to.

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1/10 A person thinking about spelling

How would your friends describe you?

2/10 A big brown leather bag

What are you most likely to have in your bag?

3/10 A dog relaxing with slices of cucumber on their eyes

How do you like to relax?

4/10 A painter holding a paint colour chart

What is your favourite colour?

5/10 A clothes rack full of colourful t-shirts

Pick an item of clothing!

6/10 My Little Pony characters
Allspark Animation | Hasbro

Who's your favourite character from My Little Pony?

7/10 A packet of spilled crisps

Choose a crisp flavour!

8/10 A woman listening to music on headphones

Pick a musical genre!

9/10 A man pointing to his watch with Mars in the background

What's your favourite time of day?

10/10 A dinosaur at the cinema

What sort of film do you love watching at the cinema?

Result: Chillin' Like A Villain
@sofiacarson | Instagram


You're this song, which is taken from Descendants 2. Good use of rhyming, there!

Result: Love is the Name
Sofia Carson | Facebook


This was the first song Sofia Carson ever released and it's the perfect song to dance around the house!

Result: Night Falls
@sofiacarson | Instagram


Are you a fan of Descendants 3 in particular? You're totally this song, which you can hear in the film! It's the sort of song you'd play to get pumped up before taking part in a sports event.

Result: Glowin' Up
Sofia Carson | Facebook

You are: GLOWIN' UP

You embody the spirit of this song, which is taken from My Little Pony: A New Generation!