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What Type of E Girl Are You?

Softie, Show-Off or Goth? Take this quiz to find out what kind of E Girl best fits your personality!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

1/10 Pick a colour:

@purenoiserecords | giphy

What music would you rather listen to RIGHT NOW?

@aaashleyrichter | instagram

What are your thoughts on makeup?


What's your favourite time of year?


Pick an animal:

@luluignorada | instagram

How would you describe yourself?

@NBA | giphy

Pick a Fortnite dance:

@billieeilish | instagram

What are you planning on doing this weekend?

@r4chelhuynh | instagram

What's more important to you?

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What would you rather watch?

@juliathefaerie | instagram

You're the Softie!

You're a quiet, gentle type of E-Girl - you don't show off too much and you're happy just being you, without loads of silly extras and accessories. Obviously you do still show off a bit sometimes, though...

@mbstrworld | instagram

You're the Show Off!

You're a loud and in-your-face kind of E-Girl! You've always got the coolest and newest clothes and gadgets, and you're not embarrassed to let everyone know. You're one of the most popular kids at school and are surrounded by friends - even though you might annoy them sometimes...

@lovely_goth_girls | Instagram

You're the Goth!

You're a moody, slightly weird E-Girl. Some people might laugh at your clothes and your taste in music, but you're the coolest one really. The only downside is how long it takes to apply all that makeup! Yeeesh!

@thecandycloud_ | instagram

You're the Barbie!

You're the bright pink, giggly, cutesy E-Girl - you know, the "girly" one (whatever that means). You have an amazing taste in clothes and probably have the best hair, too. Nice.