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What Type of Mermaid Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of mythical sea nymph you'd be? Answer this magic underwater quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Pick a snack:


How cold are you right now?


You spot some humans over there in the distance. What do you do?


What colour is your tail?


How do you have fun with other mermaids?


Which of these animals do you get on best with?


What are your mermaid accessories made out of?


Which of these things do you hate more?


Pick a drink:


If you weren't a mermaid - what would be your favourite hobby?

You're an Arctic mermaid!

You're an unusual type of mermaid that lives in the freezing cold waters of the Arctic circle. Because it's so cold you need to keep warm, and you do this by wearing lots of comfy clothes like puffer jackets. You like eating fish, winding up penguins and warning sailors away from icebergs.

You're a Tropical mermaid!

You're a laid-back, chilled out kind of mermaid that lives on nice warm islands around the equator. It's hot and life is easy where you live, so most of the time you're happy to just eat fish and relax on the beach. Sound good?

You're a Freshwater mermaid!

You're a very strange mermaid... because unlike the others you live in lakes and rivers, and not the sea. This makes meeting humans more likely, so watch out because some of them are a bit untrustworthy. You like eating fish, and occasionally bits of human food that you find washed up near you. Nice.

You're a Deep Sea mermaid!

Very little is known about this mysterious mermaid - but it's quite likely they're a little bit weird. They live right at the bottom of the oceans, near thermal vents that pump out gases from the centre of the earth. We're not sure what Deep Sea mermaids eat usually, but probably jellyfish and crabs and things like that. Sound like you?