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What Warrior Cat Are You? Quiz

Which Warrior Cat are you? Are you more like Lionblaze or Twigbranch? What about Bramblestar or Squirrelflight? Take the quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  September 14th 2021

Will you get a purr-fect score?

1/15 Cat yowling with derpy cat face

How many lives do you think you have?

2/15 Poodle with googly eyes and yellow splat on white background

If you had to be a dog, what sort would you be?

3/15 Fish with derpy face and screaming cat on white background

Pick a delicious fish

4/15 Yowling cat with shocked emoji

What's your yowl like?

5/15 Cat chasing tail on white background with yellow background

Tell the truth; have you ever chased your tail?

6/15 Two cats looking shifty

Are you a master of disguise?

7/15 A distracted cat

Are you easily startled?

8/15 A cat playing the keyboard

Are you able to play any musical instrument?

9/15 A cat in a box

Are you good at hiding?

10/15 A cat practicing its hunting techniques

Are you a skilled hunter?


Are you sure you're good at hiding?

12/15 A group of kittens watching something closely

What sports do you enjoy watching with your friends?

13/15 Two cats using light sabers

Who is your favourite Star Wars character?

14/15 A cat in a box

You find a box in the living room. What do you do?

15/15 A cat at a desk with a laptop

Are you a fan of gadgets?


You are: Lionblaze!

You're proud, determined and loyal – a good friend to have!


You are: Twigbranch!

You're caring, hardworking and can be a bit silly!


You are: Bramblestar!

You're very careful and know right from wrong, but can be tempted by mischief!


You are: Squirrelflight!

You're feisty, expressive and a bit scrappy!