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What Wild Animal Are You?

Quit horsing around and take this epic animal quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

What did you eat for breakfast today?


Who do you live with?


What's your idea of a fun day out?


Are you dangerous to humans?


Pick a habitat:


Imagine you bump into your headteacher at the weekend. What do you do?

@bbcearth via giphy

What kind of music do you listen to?


How do you stay warm?


Which of these words describes you better?

@headlikeanorange via giphy

What kind of noise do you make when you stub your toe?

You're a Bear!

You might look cuddly and soft, but you're actually a ferocious beast that could rip a human apart with your bare paws (or is that bear paws?). You live in forests, eat a gigantic amount of food and are an ingenious, friendly animal. Well, most of the time, anyway...

You're a Baboon!

You're obviously a bit of a prankster and spend most of your days winding up your friends and shouting. The humans might laugh at your ridiculous blue behind but you're highly intelligent - you can use tools, and you have a complicated social structure. You also spend most your time sat about eating fruit, sounds like you?

You're a Penguin!

You're everyone's favourite flightless bird- the penguin! You're pretty funny looking on land, but don't let that fool you - you're an excellent swimmer and live in huge colonies in the Antarctic. Just watch out for those leopard seals...

You're a Poison Dart Frog!

You might be small - but you've got enough poison in your skin to knock over an elephant! Poison dart frogs come from Central America, and usually keep themselves to themselves. You're a very snappy dresser though, and your bright colours are a warning to anything stupid enough to try and eat you!