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What YouTube Channel Should I Watch? Quiz

With so many channels out there is can be hard to choose what to watch - why not take this quiz and take the stress out of choosing!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 5th 2022

From cat videos to the hottest new music videos, YouTube is a great way to pass some time and learn some new cool things about the world. But sometimes it can be nearly impossible to decide what to watch - everyone sometimes suffers from the serious completely not-made-up disease 'YouTubeblockitis'. Why not try Beano's special cure with this quiz to help you find some great new content!


Which of these animals are you most like?


Which is your favourite colour?


A unicorn comes to dinner, what do you do?


What is the first thing you do in the morning?


Which element are you most like today?


What is your favourite historical period?


You're on an alien planet, what do you do?


You're lost in a jungle, what do you do?


What is your favourite mode of transport?


What is your favourite sport?

MinuteEarth | YouTube

Minute Earth

This channel is a great place to learn all about the world and the amazingly interesting things in it! The short videos will have you hooked, and you never know, you might learn something that will change your life! Check it out!

Mystery Doug | YouTube

Mystery Doug!

Forget Hey Duggee! This Doug is all about giving you answers to some of life's most interesting questions! With both short and long videos Doug and his friends will have you entertained for hours! Let's go!

England | YouTube


Football is one of the most fun sports out there, and your answers suggest you're the kind of person that loves the game! So why not check out the England Team's YouTube channel and take a look behind the scenes at the incredible talent of the Women's and Men's team!

Liziqi | YouTube


Liziqi is one of the most amazing and inspiring YouTube channels out there! If you haven't heard of it you'll love it! Basically, it's a woman who lives on a farm and does EVERYTHING, from farming to building to cooking and fixing all sorts of broken things. She's amazing and we're sure you'll think so too!