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Hisssssss! What's The Best Pet Snake For Me Quiz

Do you want a pet snake? Of coursssssse you do! Answer these questions and we'll tell you which species of slithering serpent is the right match for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  March 14th 2022

So, you want to get a pet snake, eh? First, always remember that snakes are real animals and they need proper care. All snakes need a lot of effort and you have to be ready to commit a lot of time and money to keeping them comfortable and healthy. Before you buy a snake, make sure you've done your research and you've got everything you need.

Still want a snake? Well there are loads of different types out there - so answer these questions and we'll help you pick which one is right for you!


Would you ever want to look after a venomous snake?


Pick a pattern:

3/10 A coiled snake

How big would you want your snake?

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Where are your favourite snakes from?

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Pick an animal that's not a snake:


Pick a different kind of reptile:

7/10 A sleepy woman holding a feather pillow

You are... what?

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Pick a hobby:


What would you rather be eating right now?


Why do you want to own a snake?

You should get a Corn Snake!

This is a nice easy snake to look after, as they always eat their food and have a pretty chill temperament. Corn snakes can grow to 6 foot long, but they usually don't. They stay pretty slim as well, so they're easy to pick up!

You should get a Royal Python!

This snake can be a little tricky to look after but is still a good one for beginners. It's a bit bigger and chunkier than a corn snake. The Royal Python is also called ball python (because it can curl up in a ball) and is native to African grasslands. Great choice!

You should get a Hognose snake!

An excellent choice! These stubby-nosed serpents are usually pretty small and have thick bodies, and are pretty easy to look after once you've got their routine down. These snakes are TECHNICALLY venomous, but their bite doesn't hurt humans. They can be very shy too so are really unlikely to ever bite a person. Make sure you give them a good hiding place!

You should get a milk snake!

These American snakes come in all kinds of lovely patterns and colours. They're an easy species to look after and can live well in captivity if you give them what they need. These snakes aren't venomous, but look a lot like Copperhead snakes, which are really dangerous! So make sure you get the right one!