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What’s Your Reading Style?

Do you bellow like an old actor or are you as quiet as a mouse? Take the quiz and we’ll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 27th 2022

If you were invited to read a story at your local library, how would you approach it? Would you be very loud at all times or be quieter than a worm’s yawn? Or would your reading style be somewhere in between? If you’ve ever wondered what your reading style is or need some inspiration on how to be a blam storyteller, this is the quiz for you!

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1/10 A man waving at a library

How would others describe your personality?

2/10 A woman in a mysterious underground library

What kind of library would you prefer to read your story in?

3/10 A woman reading at all times of the day

What’s the best time of day to read?

4/10 A man pulling faces while he reads

Do you enjoy doing different voices when you read?

5/10 A woman reading loudly in a quiet library

Do you tend to wave your arms about during exciting parts of the story?

6/10 A man reading loudly in a quiet library

What’s your favourite kind of story?

7/10 Hands holding a book

Who’s your favourite author?

8/10 A woman sitting down reading a book in an old library
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Do you tend to sit or stand when reading aloud?

9/10 A farting man

What’s the loudest sound you’ve ever made?

10/10 Man raising his hat in front of red curtains

What do you do when you’ve finished reading a story?

Reading style: VERY LOUD

Your reading style is: VERY LOUD!

You’re an enthusiastic reader and put all your energy into making sure people can hear you clearly, even if they were miles away. If you were to read aloud while standing next to a jet engine, nobody would be able to hear the jet engine. You might want to tone it down if you were reading in a library though, because you might be told to keep it down.

Reading style: QUITE LOUD

Your reading style is: QUITE LOUD!

While you’re not exactly screaming while you read a story, you’re a bit louder than a small football crowd. Who needs a microphone and a speaker?

Reading style: JUST RIGHT

Your reading style is: JUST RIGHT!

You read aloud at a suitable level for a library reading – people can hear you and you can emphasise certain parts when you need to. No shouting from you. You’re welcome to our library!

Reading style: REALLY QUIET

Your reading style is: REALLY QUIET!

You’re very quiet and a passing bat would struggle to hear you. This is fine for the quiet environment of your local library, but don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re allowed to!