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What's Your Reading Super Power?

Reading is a super power and can transport you into other worlds. But what's YOUR reading super power? Take this quiz and we'll tell you in a matter of seconds!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 1st 2023

Reading is a great way to pass the time, to relax, to learn and to disappear into a mind-film for an hour or two. It really is a super power! But like superheroes' powers, the skill and enjoyment of reading can reveal actual super powers! To find out what your super power is, simply answer these 10 questions about books and what you enjoy reading. The answers will be fed into our special computer and it'll quietly burp out the answer for you!

1/10 A robot and a pile of books

Look at a pile of books in your mind. What do you feel like reading first?

2/10 A man waving at a library

How often do you go to the library?

3/10 Reading in space

How do you like to read?

4/10 A hand holding a calculator

How many books do you read in a year, do you think?

5/10 A young man holds a magical book

What's your favourite thing about reading?

6/10 A girls sits on a flying book with an eagle-human in the background

What's the most important thing about a story?

7/10 A man and cat enjoy some reading time
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What's your favourite thing you've learned from a book?

8/10 A person not enjoying a book

What's your least favourite thing about reading?

9/10 A laughing book and William Shakespeare

Pick a word which Shakespeare made up!

10/10 A person holding a notebook with a sloth in the background

If you were to become an author when you're grown up, what kind of books would you write?

Result: Speedy reading

Your reading super power is: SPEEDY READING!

Everyone reads at a different pace and there's no correct speed. You read the way you want. But it seems that your super power is speed reading. You can skim a page in seconds and will be able to recount the important bits. How awesome is that?

Result: Amazing memory

Your reading super power is: AMAZING MEMORY!

Your mind is like a sponge and soaks up trivia. You can read a book and simply remember all the important facts. This is a great skill and will prove very handy for exams in the future! It's also excellent when it comes to doing quizzes on!

Result: Empathy

Your reading super power is: EMPATHY!

When reading a story, you're able to identify the emotions a character may be experiencing or displaying. This super power will help you understand the types of decisions they make and the reasons behind them.

Result: Empathy

Your reading super power is: PROBLEM SOLVING!

When reading a mystery, your mind is able to piece together the stories and work out what each character has done. You're like a spy or detective with heightened powers of deduction!