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Take This Wheel of Fortune Quiz For A Spin!

It's one of the world's most popular gameshows - but will you win big on this Wheel of Fortune quiz? Click here to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 1st 2024

Wheel of Fortune is probably the most well-known game show in the world... and definitely one of the oldest! Whether your favourite part is the click-clack of the wheel, the wordgames or the prizes - there's sure to be something to test your knowledge in this tricky TV quiz!

Now let's spin that wheel!

1/10 A chicken and llama eating in a diner

Where was the first Wheel of Fortune show made?

2/10 A brain doing a crossword

What word puzzle is the game kind of similar to?


What does the black bar on the wheel say?


What is Teachers Week?


When did the show start?


Wheel of Fortune is the... what?

Wheel of Fortune | ITV | Challenge

Which of these countries does NOT have a version of Wheel of Fortune?

8/10 A cat meowing in a theatre

Which of these is not a real thing?


If you get on the show, you could win... what?


What colour is the Lose a Turn wedge?

Grrr! Oh no! This is not your best work! Looks like someone needs to go back over some old episodes of Wheel of Fortune and then have another go at this quiz! Psst... that person is you!

Nice! This is pretty good score! You definitely know a thing or two about the show! This score is definitely not bad... but it's also not amazing. Fancy another go to see if you can bag a higher score? Let's give it a try!

Wahoo! Fantastic! You really know your Wheels of Fortune! You very almost score 100% on this quiz... you were so close! Do you think you can beat this score on a different TV quiz? Let's find out!

Wowee! This is the perfect score! You got every single question right! You know everything there is to know about Wheel of Fortune! Well done! Now, can you match this 10/10 score on a different quiz?