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When Prince Philip Met Dennis

We're celebrating the life of Prince Philip by remembering the time he met with Dennis and Minnie for a right Royal Rumble!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Here at Beano, we always know a fellow joker when we see one!

And while Prince Philip was a member of the very serious and important Royal family, he was also a bit of a gag-cracker. So what better way to celebrate his life than with a throwback to the time he and The Queen crashed the Beano!? (Well, actually, it was more like Dennis and Minnie crashed the Royal wedding back when Harry and Megan tied the knot, but that's beside the point!)

But the fact is that when two VERY FAMOUS British institutions get together, there can only be chaos - plus a LOT OF LAUGHS - so join us in remembering the man who made the monarch merry (and who gave us a good chuckle along the way) - Prince Philip!

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