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Where Do Animals Go When They Fall?

We decided to solve the mystery of where animals go when they fall in videos. This is what we found out!

Everyone knows WHY animals fall – because they are adorable clumsy idiots – but WHERE do they fall?

power rangers shrugging

Until now, no one had a clue. It was a totally mystery and teams of scientists spent a collective 400 years trying to figure it out (maybe – I just made that up to be honest). But, here at Beano, we are all about the science and getting to the truth!

Detective pikachu

So we tracked a cat as they fell off a table, deep underground (avoiding the dinosaur skeletons of DOOM!), through the crazy hot centre of the Earth, straight out the other side to Austrailia, up through the stratosphere and into space (the domain of rubber chickens – turns out they’re aliens!) and finally into a black hole – falling through the cosmic cracks in reality and becoming one with the universe for all eternity!!

Scientist with a beaker with a banana in it and the words SCIENCE appear like a beautiful rainbow