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Where Will Reading Take You Quiz?

Love reading but often wonder what's your ultimate book genre? Take this very helpful quiz and you'll find out in moments!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 1st 2023

Opening a book is like opening the door onto a new exciting world. Where will your next reading adventure lead you? Answer these simple questions and our special HQ super-computer will crunch the data and reveal what sort of book you'll read next. Are you ready? Then let us begin...

1/10 A boy reading at night, timed by a stopwatch

How much time do you spend reading every week?

2/10 A woman reading a sports book

Why do you read, generally?

3/10 A woman reading about a magical castle

What kind of book do you enjoy the most?

4/10 A child looking at a page from the dictionary

What's your favourite word?

5/10 A woman in a mysterious library

Which part of the library do you go to first?

6/10 A man reading loudly in a quiet library

What time of day is it best to read?

7/10 A man holding a book with a sloth on the cover

How do you treat your books?

8/10 A woman and a cat in a big library

If you won a book token, which author's books would you consider getting?

9/10 A typewriter and paper with the words "The woman who was part-fish"

What's your favourite device?

10/10 Two people enjoying books in a library

What's your perfect book ending?

Result: Wizard World


You love reading fantasy novels and if there was a story about a young teenager who enrolled in a wizarding college – we're not sure if such a story has been written yet, has there? – chances are you would read it over and over again!

Result: Space


At the moment, there's only a small group of people who can go to space. But that doesn't stop you from flying through the stars via the pages of a space book! There's so much to learn, so get stuck in!

Result: Everywhere


Books are brilliant because they can take you anywhere you like: history, geography, fantasy stories, anything which takes your fancy! What a treat. Whether it's a book, a tablet or an audiobook, there are different worlds you can explore with your eyes or ears!

Result: Back in time


Your love of reading includes lots of history books. The words and pictures are like a form of time travel and allow you to experience what it was like to live in the distant past (without having to wear suits of armour)!