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Where's Gnasher? The Quiz of the Book!

Can you figure out which parts of Beanotown Gnasher has wandered too? Check out the pictures and decipher the clues!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 2nd 2023

In our new book Where's Gnasher? – out on February 2nd through Farshore – the world's most famous Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripe Hound has hidden himself among some very busy scenes in various parts of Beanotown.

But this time, he needs YOUR help. His eyes are very tired after watching lots of documentaries about the world's best sausages and his eyes are too tired to focus right now. Using the picture clues and a small helping of scent-sense (it's a thing we made up), can you help Gnasher work out where he's wandered so Dennis can come and collect him?

Good luck!

1/10 A street in Beanotown

Where in Beanotown could this be? All you can smell is some sort of weird soup and socks.

2/10 Dennis rock climbing

Where could this be? All Gnasher has to go on is crisp fresh air and the smell of half-eaten sandwiches...

3/10 A grass field and a group of people

Now Gnasher needs to work out where he is based on the smell of hot beef drinks and pies...

4/10 A big Beanotown building in a residential area

This place has a whiff of bones and books...

5/10 A yeti surrounded by books

What on earth is going on in here? You can smell pages and hear sneaky farts. Name the venue?

6/10 Mayor Brown and Professor Von Screwtop outside a building surrounded by trees

This place smells of leaves and dinosaurs. Where is Gnasher now?

7/10 Minnie in a damp old room

This building smells of snot and damp. Can you tell Gnasher where he's ended up now? Minnie seems to be in too much of hurry to say...

8/10 A banana and a cage

Gnasher's super-powered nose can detect a banana skin and plants. Where is he now?

9/10 A big fancy building with a huge tower and clock

This place smells like paperwork and important decisions. Any clue where Dennis's dog has wandered to this time?

10/10 Some sort of ramps with Mount Beano in the bacgkround

Gnasher's adventures have led him to a noisy place that smells of wheels! Where has he found himself?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! What happened there? Gnasher looks a bit grumpy after learning your score. Why not have another go and turn that doggy frown upside down!

Result: Good try

Good try! Your efforts have earned a thumbs up from Beanotown's most famous hound. Do you think you could do even better? Why not have another go? You've got this!

Result: Great work

Great work! Your result has got this Abyssinian Wire-haired Tripehound jumping for joy! You just missed out on a perfect score, so if you think you have what it takes to get full marks, you know what to do!

Result: Wow

Wow! This score just goes to show that if Beanotown's resident Abyssinian Wire-haired Tripehound goes missing, we know who to call. Excellent effort!