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Which 60s/70s Rock Star Are You?

Are you secretly a 70s rock star? Find out which one of these music legends is most like you with this ridiculous rockstar quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 16th 2023

There's more to 60s and 70s music than a bunch of beardy old duffers! Music back then paved the way for all the exciting things that would come later, and the influence of these rock stars is still being felt today! But which one of these music legends is most like you? Find out which 70s rock star is the best fit for your personality with this toe-tapping music quiz!


What outfit would you rather wear on stage?

2/10 A slice of pizza in a beautiful mountain setting

Where would you rather go on holiday?


Which of these things are you better at?


Pick an animal:

@tinaturner | instagram

What's your biggest influence?

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What instrument would you rather have backing you up?


What are your lyrics about?

@blacksabbath | instagram

What's the best thing about being a rock star?


You are... what?


Would you ever smash up a hotel room?

@davidbowie | instagram

You're David Bowie!

You're the famously weird British genius David Bowie! Famous for his totally unique musical style that inspired LOADS of popstars after him, David Bowie is one of the all-time greats. He also had a very impressive wardrobe and wasn't afraid to dress up!

@janisjoplin | instagram

You're Janis Joplin!

You're the legendary singer Janis Joplin! Famous for her incredible voice and stage presence, Janis inspired a whole generation of people through her music and politics. She was one of the most succesful artists of her era, and has definitely gone down in history as a rock legend!

@ozzyosbourne | instagram

You're Ozzy Osbourne!

You're the creator of heavy metal! Ozzy and his band Black Sabbath have probably done more than anyone else for starting metal as a genre. So next time you're getting stomped all over in a mosh pit, make sure you thank this high-pitched lad from Birmingham!

@tinaturner | instagram

You're Tina Turner!

You're the American singer and UNDISPUTED rock star Tina Turner! The Queen of Rock and Roll is famous the world over for her classic tracks like What's Love Got to Do WIth It, Proud Mary and The Best. She's been going since the 60s, so has really earned her place in the rock hall of fame!