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Which Abominable Snowmenace Character Are You?

Which one of The Abominable Snowmenace characters are you? Hope it’s not the farting Yeti! Take the quiz inspired by our awesome new book and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2022
1/10 A smiling school teacher

How would your teacher describe you?

2/10 A man eating popcorn

What would a movie about your life be?

3/10 A house plonked in the middle of a very sandy desert

What kind of room would you have in your dream house?

4/10 A person enjoying a coffee and using their smartphone

What's your favourite app?

5/10 A man surrounded by gadgets

Which of these things could you never live without?

6/10 A pizza fresh from the oven

What's your favourite food?

7/10 Weights with a cheeky face

What is your greatest strength?

8/10 Two friends hanging out together

What do you value most in your friends?

9/10 A hedgehog eating a slice of birthday cake

It's your birthday – what do you do to celebrate?

10/10 A 'school closed' sign

You see this sign first thing in the morning. How do you feel?


You are: DENNIS!

You're King Blam of Beanotown who loves skateboarding, playing loud music and generally having fun!


You are: VITO!

Vito – or to use her full name, Maria Vittoria – is energetic, fearless and kind to the planet!


You are: BETTY!

You're Betty Bhu, who's always up for fun and can speak Nepalese, which is pretty handy when chatting to a Yeti.

The Abominable Snowmenace


You're a Yeti – a big, furry beast who loves to let out massive farts! Which is quite abominable if you think about it.

The Abominable Snowmenace Boomix