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Which Beta Squad Video Should I Watch? Quiz

Not sure which one of these buzzin' Betasquad videos you should watch? Take this quiz and we'll do all the hard work for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 24th 2023

Love the Beta Squad but no idea which one of their hundreds of videos you should watch? Don't waste time choosing one for yourself - just have a go at this quiz and we'll tell you exactly which video is right for you!

Ready to find out which video to choose? Let's see what Chunkz, Niko AJ and Kenny are up to!

Minecraft | Mojang

Pick a game:

2/10 A mukbang youtube video

Pick a type of Youtube video:

Betasquad | Youtube

What's your favourite thing about Beta squad?

Betasquad | Youtube

Who's your favourite member of the squad?

5/10 The London transport map

Pick a part of London:

Betasquad | Youtube

If you made the squad do an military training course, what would you make them do first?

7/10 A shrew eating chillies

Pick a challenge:

Sidemen Youtube

Now pick one of the Sidemen:

9/10 Relaxing autumn leaves

Pick a time of year:

10/10 A hard question

Would you rather...

Betasquad | Youtube

You should watch GUESS THE FOOTBALLER Ft Trent Alexander-Arnold!

You love footy, so this hilarious from the Beta Squad is a great choice! In it, the squad are joined by their mate and famous footballer Trent to see if they can tell the difference between a real pro footballer and a bunch of fakes! Nice! Not sure about this one? Try the quiz again and see who you get next time!

Betasquad | Youtube


This video is great for all those of you who want to watch members of the Beat squad eat a gross amount of junk food whilst answering questions from fans! As well as seeing how much they can put away, you get a glimpse into their ridiculous lives. Not the video for you? Try this quiz again!

Betasquad | Youtube

You should watch RACE ACROSS AMERICA: Beta Squad Edition!

You should check out this epic video of the Beta Squad going on a huge roadtrip across America! In it they get up to all sorts, and wind up plenty of Americans along the way! Not sure about this one? Try this quiz agaian and see what you get next time!

Betasquad | Youtube

You should watch Who Can Make The LOUDEST SOUND Challenge

This is definitely the best video for you! The squad all compete to see who can make the loudest noise - and bring a detector along to test it out! You know, for science! Who do you think will win? Watch the video to find out! Otherwise, try this quiz again and see which video you get next time!

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