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Which Percy Jackson Cabin Do You Belong In Quiz?

Where do you belong in Camp Halfblood - are you a child of Apollo, or are you more Aphrodite? Find out here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 16th 2024

Are you a Percy Jackson fan? If so you've probably wondered where you'd be bunking down in Camp Half-Blood! Do you feel like you'd be placed somewhere outdoorsy, or maybe you'd prefer something a bit more plush? Find out where you truly belong right here! And we've got more Percy Jackson - find out who your parent would be in the Percy Jackson 'verse, or have a go at some super tricky trivia or find out which character you're most like!


What's your favourite restaurant?


Pick a non-Percy Jackson franchise


Which city would you most like to visit?


What's your ideal pancake topping?


You're going camping! What is your tent like?


Pick a chocolate treat


Pick a chart-topping artist


What's your favourite kind of video game?


Pick a dream job


Pick a modern Disney heroine

Poseidon's Cabin

You would be in Poseidon's Cabin! You're a natural hero and leader, as well as brave and totally dedicated to your friends. You probably feel a natural affinity with the sea, too!

Athena's Cabin

You would be in Athena's Cabin! You're smart and scholarly, but you still love adventure and you're a natural leader who would do anything for your friends.

Aphrodite's Cabin

You belong in Aphrodite's Cabin! You value appearances, but you understand the importance of love and friendship! There's a lot more to you than people may think!

Ares' Cabin

You belong in Ares' Cabin! You're hotheaded and you always do what you think is right, and that makes you a great friend and ally!